Un caffè, per favore! – Rome

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            Coffee, one of the most consumed beverages in the world, brings many benefits to the body if it is consumed without sugar, milk or cream. There are many drinks that have coffee as the main ingredient in the world. Beyond the benefits, this drink can give you a moment of indulgence. In all my travels, I seek to drink the coffee as it prepared by the locals. For example, for me Greek coffee has a special flavor in Greece. At home, in my kitchen, it does not seem to be the same. My visit to Rome offered me some precious information about coffee I want to share with you.

How do you drink coffee like a roman?

  1. Milk in the coffee is accepted in the morning. Never drink coffee with milk after lunch!
  2. Never order cappuccino after dining!
  3. Order coffee and stand up at the counter to drink it! If you sit at the table, you have to pay, „coperto” for the service of bringing your coffee to the table.
  4. Caffè Doppio (a double espresso) was invented for the American tourists who prefer a large and lean coffee. The Romans prefer a shot of strong coffee.

Types of coffee

Caffe –is served in a glass or a ceramic cup. It’s the Romans ‘ favorite.

Cafffe macchiato –it means stained coffee: stained with milk. It’s a very short espresso with a finger of milk. It can be served macchiato caldo (hot) or freddo (cold).

Cafffe Doppio – a Double espresso usually for foreign tourists.

Cappuccino – a short espresso with hot milk foam.

Latte macchiato –a large glass of warm milk and very little coffee dripping in it. In Rome, many consider it a drink for children or for people who do not feel well.

Moroccan – it has light brown color. It’s an espresso with some hot milk foam and a generous cocoa powder. Served in a glass dish and milk is often served next to. It’s called, „Moretto” and it means, „little black”.

Monachella – “the little monk”. It resembles the Moroccan to which a large portion of cream is added.

Caffe Shakerato is ideal for the summer hot days. An espresso at room temperature is poured into a shaker with ice and a little sugar. After a minute of shaking, it is poured into a glass of high-foot.

Granita di Caffe – it cannot be called coffee, but rather ice cream. It’s a very sweet coffee that was brought to the consistency of the ice flakes. It is served between two layers of cream.

Affogato is an espresso in which a spoon of ice cream has been added. There is also the variant, Zabaione. -Very good at Ficco di Neve, near the Pantheon!

Caffe Corretto – coffee with grappa, cognac or aniseed-flavored alcohol. In northern Italy, it is served in the morning, especially by those who have hard work (farmers, builders, market sellers), while in the south of the country it is a digestive.

Coffee is a part of the Italian culture!

Un caffè, per favore!

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