Kitzsteihorn – a unique ski experience

via Site Settings ‹ idjourneys —           Kitzsteinhorn, a massif of the Hohe Tauern National Park, is Salzburg’s highest located ski area and the first glacier ski resort in Austria. Over the time, the area has developed, and today is one of the most popular ski areas in the country. At the foot of the … Mai mult Kitzsteihorn – a unique ski experience

The Rupestral Monastery of Șinca Veche

           In Transylvania, a region where Romanian, Hungarian and German communities lived together for centuries, religion has been an anchor in troubled times, and churches, monasteries and sketes tell us today their story. Two years ago I was surprised by the shape and the story of the ”St. Nicholas” Church in Densuș. Last year, I … Mai mult The Rupestral Monastery of Șinca Veche

My travel notes from Corfu island

               I think the charm of the Ionian islands such as Lefkada, Zakynthos, Kefalonia and Corfu is given by the incredible color palette of the surroundings. Here, you are blessed with a color therapy. The blue tones of water that blends harmoniously with the verdant vegetation and the bright white of the buildings are resting … Mai mult My travel notes from Corfu island

The Tuzla beach

      In summer it is increasingly difficult to find a quiet beach on the Romanian seaside. The tourists who are wishing to listen to the waves and admire the pure beauty of the sea are increasingly moving to the southern coastline of the Danube Delta. But there is a pleasant surprise halfway between Constanta and … Mai mult The Tuzla beach

The Fortress of Făgăraș in the Hopper’s top ten castles in the world

           The title of this article may seem pompous, but I assure you it is not so. In 2014, Huffington Post published the ”Hopper list” in which the Făgăraș fortress comes into the second place in the world among the worthy citadels to be visited. You can find details here. I think this fortress is very beautiful. Furthermore … Mai mult The Fortress of Făgăraș in the Hopper’s top ten castles in the world

Five of the best beaches in Zakynthos

via Site Settings ‹ idjourney —          Zakynthos Island is like a huge natural park interlarded with diverse beaches as amenities, incredible marine landscapes and villages that still preserve the ancestral traditions. In this article I will be referring only to the beaches that I consider to be the best. First of all I … Mai mult Five of the best beaches in Zakynthos

Navagio Beach

             Navagio Beach, originally called Agios Georgios, is located in the northwest of the Zakynthos island on the Ionian Sea. The originality of this beach lies in the fact that the wreck of a boat completes the spectacular landscape generated by the vertical limestone walls and azure waters. The story of the wreck has several … Mai mult Navagio Beach