Five reasons I travel

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        I have always loved geography! I think I love it because I was going with my parents on holiday each summer. When I started studying geography I could see with my mind the places I was learning.

         Today we live in a world where information can easily be accessed from the Internet. We learn about the experiences lived by people from all over the world and we can travel virtually anywhere on the planet, which we discover at a click away. However, virtual tours cannot replace our own experience, so today I will introduce you to five reasons why I am traveling.

  1. I travel to better understand the history, the culture, the world around. The trips have helped me to discover myself, and to be grateful for the experiences I live in.
  2. During my travels I try to detach myself from my everyday life. I’m trying to enjoy every single moment and the relaxed attitude fills my soul with positive energy. In addition, when I have a bad day it’s enough to think of a dear place or to remember a beautiful experience, to get over the discomfort.
  3. It is an opportunity to practice my English and to learn a few phrases in the language of the visited country. Many times I had learned from the locals interesting things about the places I visited. Sometimes I even learned recipes of the delicious food I had enjoyed!
  4. In my group of friends, each of us used to talk about own vacation. It’s like I’ve been in more vacations at a time! Do you know what it is like after you come back from a vacation? You smile more and you look with optimism in the future.
  5. Over the time, my trips helped me to form a certain philosophy of life. I am grateful for what I am! I am lucky because I have had the chance to enjoy beautiful landscapes and beautiful experiences so far.

What are the reasons why you are traveling? What did you learn from your trips?


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