My thoughts at the end of the year

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               This time last year I was wondering what present do I really want for Christmas. I wished something for my soul and for the first time I did not consider either material goods or charity. The idea of ​​a blog had been taken into account for several months, so I sat down in front of my computer and I wondered: what is the place I could write about right now? Surprisingly, I could not decide. I started writing about Verona, I gave up, then about Vatican and I did not finish the article. Suddenly, I felt the need to write about the reasons why I do like to travel, and the words went out in the rhythm of a tumultuous mountain river. After that I could finished the previous articles. I spent my Christmas vacation cooking, playing out, writing and reading everything I found about blogging.

                 2018 was the year when I really do something for myself. I took care of me and my family and I reconsider many of the aspects from my everyday life. While writing I had periods of emotional discomfort when the words could not express my feelings, as I wanted. I tried to combine the resource information with my feelings, without fussing.

                Spring was an intense period in which I read a lot about blogosphere. I’ve discovered great blogs and wonderful people. Unfortunately, I did not have time to read everything I wanted, but when I did it I felt wonderful.

                Summer arrived with a huge surprise. The article about Tuzla beach has reached the front page of the Google search engine. What happiness! I eyed myself while smiling a dozen times. I believe in divinity and maybe someone up there loves me. On this beach I am feeling happy and free. I pray this beach to remain a corner of nature unaltered by the people’s desire to transform it into a modern one, with many facilities that, anyway, we find on almost all the beaches in Romania.

                In autumn I felt the need to slow down. I wrote when I had time and when I felt I could do it as well as possible. I handled my facebook page and I realized that visibility is essential in promoting a blog.

                 And here I am, in winter, thinking at the future holiday. What’s next? I will see.


                  I wish you to celebrate the winter holiday with joy, love and gratitude. Happy Christmas Holiday!

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  1. Swastika Das spune:

    Nice. How to increase the visibility , please advice. Keep writing. Pics of your blog are awesome.


    1. idjourneys spune:

      Thank you! 🤗


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