The Krushuna Waterfalls

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            Twenty years ago, I used to take day trips to the Bucegi Mountains. In recent years, the so crowded road has discouraged me to have day trips to Prahova Valley, especially at the weekends. Slowly by slowly I discovered that Bulgaria has amazing places, accessible and less crowded roads. In this post I will tell you about one of these places: the Krushuna Waterfalls (Krushùnski Vodopàdi in Bulgarian).

               Located about 134 km from Giurgiu, in the Maarata National Park, these waterfalls are accessible either by car (from the main Road 301) or by means of transport from the lovely city of Lovech. At the entrance there is a parking lot, a Kiosk and a taverna. The large road gradually narrows to the size of a path through the forest. The area is well laid out and accessible even in rainy weather, as I got it. You need about twenty minutes to get from the parking lot to the waterfalls and another about 40 minutes to get to the spring of Maara stream.

               Krushuna is the largest waterfall on travertine from Bulgaria. The color of the water is due to this rock that originates at the mouth of bicarbonate thermal springs. The thermal waters, with a temperature of about 58 ° C, are used therapeutically. In the area there is still a ritual that consists of washing the eyes with spring water on May 6, when St. George is celebrated. During the Thracian times, in the 5th century BC, there was a belief that the water takes the negative energy and pain away.

Good to know

  • although the route is well arranged, you need sports shoes, and if it rains, boots;
  • at about 76 km to the east there is Veliko Târnovo, and at 16 km to the west you can visit the Devetaska cave, one of the largest in Bulgaria;
  • at the entrance of the park there is Hotel & Relax Zone Cattleya which offers very good accommodation and dining conditions.

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