The Gorges of Dobrogea

          In the heart of Dobrogea County, between the villages Cheia and Târguşor, there is the Geological Reservation ”Dobrogea Gorges”. We drive on the county road No. 222, which winds through an oak forest and suddenly after a curve it reveals the splendor of some strange shapes. The limestone walls of no more than 30 m high, the sinkholes, the creeks and the grottoes spread along the Cheia creek for about two kilometers. We stopped the car at the entrance of the gorges. The balmy air of the morning and the spectacular landforms transposed me into a mountainous landscape. The accessibility of these gorges presents a great advantage which, paradoxically, is also a great disadvantage. The gorges can be explored by those who do not have a good physical condition, and if you are in a rush, you can measure the beauty of them while driving. The big drawback is that, although they are part of the Geological Reservation ”Dobrogea Gorges”, some people make barbecue and listen to loud music even if this is forbidden. So if you want to enjoy this wonderful place don`t go in the weekend.

          In addition to the spectacular scenery, the Gorges of Dobrogea stir curiosity through the geological and biological diversity. They are located in the Casimcea Plateau, consisting of green schist, the oldest rocks in Romania (0.5-2 billion years old). This area was covered by the waters of the Tethys Sea where a coral reef was formed. After the water retreat, it has become a witness to an underwater world that has disappeared about 180 million years ago. The biodiversity of the area is due to the presence of the protected plant and animals species such as the Dobrogean bell, the golden crocus, the absinth, the jasmine, the fluffy oak, the steppe polecat, the Dobrogean dragon, the short-legged eagle etc.

            The Gorges of Dobrogea are vulnerable because of the unorganized tourism, as well as people who do not understand that we have to protect the beauties of our country. Let’s be responsible tourists! It is not difficult!

Good to know

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  • Nearby, in the Reservation ”Gura Dobrogei”, there are two interesting caves „La Adam” and „Liliecilor – The Bats”.
  • At a distances of about 12 km , The Saint John’s Cave Monastery (Mânăstirea Peștera Sfântului Ioan Casian) offers a magnificent panorama over Casian Lake.

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  1. Karen spune:

    Such an interesting and pretty area. You are right, we all need to respect natural areas like this for future generations.

    Apreciat de 1 persoană

    1. idjourneys spune:

      Yes indeed! Thanks so much for reading Karen!

      Apreciat de 1 persoană

  2. Mark Caudill spune:

    Thanks for posting in English, I am in America so I can read this one.
    You are right to, we need to protect that beautiful landscapes in our countries.

    Apreciat de 1 persoană

    1. idjourneys spune:

      I try to improve my English so that I can share my travel impressions to everybody.

      Apreciat de 1 persoană

      1. Mark Caudill spune:

        Thank you, your doing a great job, I love learning about new places and their history.

        Apreciat de 1 persoană

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