Goldegg, a village and a ……castle

         Goldegg is a picturesque village located on a sunny plateau above the Salzach Valley. The area has a secondary tourist importance, but this does not take away the mountain-specific beauty. In Goldegg there are about 10 km of slopes, as well as a lake turned in winter in the „playground” for tourists and locals. I saw people while playing curling and cross-country skiing, as well as mums who strolled children on trails. The atmosphere was relaxed, and when hunger or cold did not give them peace, they retreated to the chic café of Goldegg Castle.

            Herren of Goldecke, a noble family who owned the area around the village of Goldegg, decided to build a castle. At that time, the nobles could build their houses or, more precisely, castles only with the agreement of the Archbishop of Salzburg. The castle was completed in 1339. Two centuries later, the last member of the Goldegger family dies, so the army of the Archbishop of Salzburg occupies the castle. In 1526, Christoph von Schernberg becomes the owner of the castle as a reward for his help in suppressing the peasants’ revolt in the area. He began to modernize it and build a new wing. But later he had to sell it to the Archbishop of Salzburg, because of two hight debts. Many times the castle had changed its owners, but nowadays it is the property of the local authorities that bought it in 1973.

            The castle’s rooms are small and the exhibits present the way of life, traditions and customs of the people of the Salzburg region. The only large room called the” Knights Hall” houses cultural events such as concerts, exhibitions, or theater plays. The Renaissance décor, the original frescoes and wood sculptures are remarkable. It is impressive the fact that the panels and the floor are original, so they are about 700 years old. There is also a room called ”Protestantenraum” dedicated to the Salzburger Verein. About 250 years ago, more than 20.000 protestants left Salzburg, because they refused to become catholics.

Good to know

  • Visit schedule: Daily from 10-12 to 15-17 and on Sunday from 3 pm to 5 pm.
  • Between 16 September and 14 June, the castle can only be visited on Thursday at 2 pm
  • The entrance ticket: 3.50 Euro for adults and 1 Euro for children

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