Măgura Village – an oasis of tranquility

        In the 90’s, the inhabitants of Bucharest and not only discovered the tourist potential of the Bran-Moeciu area. The inhabitants of villages in this area with a long tradition in sheep breeding have reoriented themselves to tourism. At first, people were preparing one, two rooms for the tourists eager to live a slice of traditional life. The growing demand has brought many more or less successful investments, and today this area is an amalgam of modernity and tradition.

        In Moeciu commune, there is a village, Magura, which seems untouched by the „benefits” of the modern society we live in. You realize this by starting from the narrow, ticklish and ground road that for the locals ensure the link with the surrounding world. I think maybe that’s why a so beautiful place has remained as a last redoubt of the archaic way of life.

        This village, located between the Bucegi and Piatra Craiului Mountains, at an altitude of 1000-1200m (6 km from Zarnesti and 35 km from Brasov) offers a stunning panorama of 3600. The almost empty village lanes, traditional houses and hayfields create the rustic atmosphere that some of us have in our soul from the vacation times spent to our grandparents.

        Magura village is the perfect destination in all seasons, for both the cushy tourists and the active ones. Wherever you stay, you can be sure that in front of your eyes you will have amazing views of the surrounding mountains. What can be more beautiful than taking breakfast in a tale scenery?

If you want to explore the area here are some nearby attractions:

  1. The Zărneşti Gorges, have a length of about 5 km, which can be crossed in about an hour. It can be reached by car from Magura or from Zarnesti. Vertical limestone walls were excavated by the Great River, which disappears underground on certain portions due to the permeability of these rocks. At the end of the gorges you will reach the place called „La Table”, one of the climbing points on the ridge of Piatra Craiului Mountain. From place to place tall rock walls of about 100-200m are equiped for climbing and mountaineering.
  2. The Bats’ Cave located on Bran’s platform, at an altitude of 950 m in Peştera village, is not equipped, so do not forget to equip yourself with a flashlight and boots/sports shoes. The access to the cave by car is easy thanks to the road signs (7 km from Magura and 5 km from Moeciu de Jos). I didn’t find the cave extraordinary except by the fact that it houses some species of bats and therefore is not electrified. The landscapes that runs from one side and the other of the road are beautiful!
  3. The Holy Trinity Cave Monastery is located about 2 km from Magura, so a walking here is welcome at any time of the day.
  4. Walking on the village lanes is a pleasant way to enter the rural atmosphere and contemplate the nature.

    I hope I have set your curiosity agog to explore these places!

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