Kaliakra Cape

Last summer, we reached Kaliakra Cape on a one-day trip to Bulgaria. I had been in this country twice, in Veliko Tarnovo and in Balchik so I want to see other beautiful places. Although we were facing few bad challenges, Kaliakra Cape was the most beautiful experience of that day. The milky blue sea water, the red and white rocks as well as the music of an accordionist were the ingredients needed to rebound and enjoy this wonderful place. In addition, at one point, two dolphins gave a surprising show.

         Cape Kaliakra rises above the waters of the Black Sea at seventy meters high. Over the time, it had several names – Tirisis, in the Thracian times, Acra in the Roman and Celigra Burun during the Ottoman occupation. This promontory provides shelter from the northeast winds, so the Greek sailors of the time called it „Kali Akra” – „Good Shelter” or „Beautiful Cape”. Right from the entrance, we find some ruins of the ancient settlements that were signposted with brief information in English and Bulgarian. Towards the end of the promontory there is a small chapel „St.Nicholas”, the patron saint of the sailors. Next to it I observed some rocks where it is supposed that during the Ottoman period, forty virgins thrown themselves into the sea, so as not to be captured and converted to Islam by the Turks. There is, moreover, an obelisk dedicated to them, near the parking lot. I also found it interesting that in the 1930s, the Romanian naturalist Grigore Antipa founded a marine research center, but today only the ruins remain. The strategic role of this place is reinforced by the presence of a military radar built in the 1950s, which today serves the NATO forces. If you are hungry, Castello Restaurant is the right choice. It is located opposite the entrance to the museum. Nearby there are many grottos and a Roman porch. The access road is well maintained and the entrance ticket was 3 leva.

        The small distance of 67 km between Mangalia and  Kaliakra Cape, the well-maintained access road and the beautiful beaches nearby recommend this place as a one-day destination or a holiday on the beautiful Bulgarian seashore.  Map and GPS

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  1. risabuzatova spune:

    I’ve visited Balchik (fabulous), just a half hour or so drive from Cape Kaliakra, and even to the Dalboka Mussel Farm and restaurant (also fabulous), just 15 minutes or so from Cape Kaliakra, but somehow didn’t go that extra step to the actual cape! Clearly my mistake and I’ll have to rectify it next time around. Thanks for sharing you trip there and your photos.


    1. idjourneys spune:

      I wasn’t impressed by Dalboka. I think that it depends of the taste. Many restaurants have sea food tastier than at Dalboka. However Bulgaria has many amazing things and places to be discovered!

      Apreciat de 1 persoană

      1. risabuzatova spune:

        There are two restaurants there. We tried both and liked one far more than the other. We consumed mussel salad, mussels with rice, mussels seamen’s style, grilled mussels on skewers and battered fried mussels. Possibly we ate still more, but we did pass on the dessert of mussels in caramel sauce.


      2. idjourneys spune:

        Good to know! Thanks!


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