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New York shed an incredible energy that you feel through all the pores when you walk through the streets of the city. Whatever the season, there are unlimited possibilities for spending the time: art galleries, museums, restaurants for all tastes, parks, neighborhoods that mirror the great diversity of its inhabitants, etc. When you organize a visit to this amazing city, you think it’s a destination that can seriously disturb your budget, so I thought it might be helpful to know some very beautiful free tourist attractions.

  1. Times Square with about fifty million visitors annually is the most popular tourist attraction in the world. It seemed amazing to me that on a small area you can find attractions for all tastes and all ages. For example, there are animators for children, the well-known naked cowboy raced by some naked ladies, artists looking for success who give short performances, etc. Few people know that the church in Times Square has a gospel choir, and that every night between 11.57 and 12 am, all the huge commercials are synchronized so you can see them simultaneously. Times Square has a space where you can sit on stairs, and look freely around the hustle and bustle.
  2. The Brooklyn Bridge, which inspired generations of poets and painters, impresses me both for the Gothic style and the beautiful landscapes of the city. Built in 1883 over the East River, it connects Manhattan to Brooklyn. From place to place, you can find interesting information about the history of this bridge. Crossing can be done on foot or by bicycle.
  3. The New York Public Library has been providing free access to books and information for over a century. Nearby, there is the Bryant Park, which in 1989 was transformed into a true urban oasis. In the sunny days it is full of locals, who in the lunch break stretch their blanket and take the lunch.
  4. Central Park is another important tourist attraction. Manhattan’s green lung is so big that you need a day to encompass it. I will dedicate an article for this oasis.
  5. The National Museum of the American Indian, a less known tourist attraction, is part of the group of museums sponsored by the Smithsonian Institute. The exhibits, animations, the specific products store present some of the history of the Americans Indians.
  6. The Federal Hall National Memorial, open from Monday to Friday, contains the Bible used by George Washington when he became the first president of the United States, as well as information about the history of this country. Nearby there is the well-known New York Stock Exchange
  7. The ferry to Staten Island can be used to admire the Statue of Liberty, the Elis Island, and the skyscrapers from Manhattan. Sunsets are incredible!
  8. China Town and Little Italy are two areas that transpose you into a different world from the typical American one. China Town with an incredible bustle, Little Italy with stylish restaurants, ice cream shops and Italian music. In Little Italy, I found a store selling only Christmas-themed products all the year round.
  9. The beaches of New York are mostly long and wide, with many shops and even blocks of flats. A walk to see the tide can be an excellent idea for disconnecting from the city’s tremendous life. Coney Island and Brighton are among the most well-known and accessible ones. If you have time go to Rockaway Beach and South Beach.
  10. Churches and buildings. The offer is so great that it cannot be ended. I loved Paul’s Chapel but I also admire Trinity Church, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, John the Divine Cathedral, Flatiron, Rockefeller Center, Radio Music Hall.

    New York is dynamic, inexhaustible and in a continuously transformation. You cannot get bored of this city!

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